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Clark Island

Clark Island

Clark Island is one of Sydney Harbour’s historic sites. The island is named after a British officer called Michael Clark. Clark used the island to grow vegetables to feed the early colony settlement. At that time, food was scarce for the colony, and Clark Island was a major asset in its survival.

These days, the island is a popular wedding venue and day trip destination. It has a maximum allowable capacity of 250 people per day, and is open for most of the year except for a period over the Christmas and New Year break.

It is an interesting mix of history, regenerated bushland, and great onshore facilities. If you’d like to take a day trip to Clark Island, you can book your Sydney Harbour water taxis with Majestic Water Taxis at any time.

Note seperate landing or tour fees may apply when visiting any of the Sydney Harbour Islands, visit Sydney Harbour National Park for more information.

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